Friday, October 21, 2005


Would you debase your morals be someone else just to be popular. Change your personality for that coolness? 15 seconds of cool. I am cool and i know its not worth it. Dont chance stay you and you'll be cool soon enough.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Would u date in middle school

Would u date in Middle School. Wat if he/she never tlks to u but likes u maybe he/she is shy. Would u dump him or be more outgoing yourself? If he/she is nice funny and cute?

Would You Hang With Someone You Have A Bad Friendship With?

If you and a "friend" like each other an hour and hate each other the next r u really friends. If its a love/hate friendship. Would u still hang wit them?

Would you do a stupid dare

If someone even your best bud dared u to do somethin stupid would u? If it made u cooler like wear a skirt......even if u r a guy? Or if u r a girl wear a jock strap?